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Located in the center of Al-Quoz, we are luxe car wrapping experts, specializing in luxury car wrap. We have redefined the word ‘prestige’. With expertise in vinyl car wraps, authentic carbon fibre car wrap finishes, and state-of-the-art paint protection film (PPF), we’ve established a reputation that echoes across the UAE. Whether you’re looking for a trendy car wrap in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah, our professional touch is just a drive away, ensuring your luxury vehicle is not just seen, but remembered.

Drive the future; wrap it in luxury.

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Vinyl Car Wrap

Experience the allure of vinyl car wraps! Transform your vehicle with our premium range, offering both protection and unparalleled style. Choose durability. Choose distinction. Choose vinyl car wrap.

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3M Car Wrap

Step into the future with 3M car wraps! Marrying robust protection with sleek design, 3M car wrap offers an upgrade not just for your car, but for your entire driving narrative. Don't just drive, make an entrance with 3M car wrap.


A Professional Car Wrap Company

At the helm of our venture is a profound passion for cars and an unwavering commitment to innovation. Our founder’s love affair with car art began as a childhood fascination. And that grew into a full-blown dedication to the art of car wrapping. Years of honing skills and mastering techniques led to the birth of our in Al-quoz, Dubai. Here, we are not just wrapping cars; we’re encapsulating dreams, pushing the boundaries of innovation, and delivering personalized art on wheels. Every project we undertake is a testament to our love for cars and our pursuit of excellence.

Carbon Fiber Wrap

Shift into the realm of luxury with carbon fiber wraps. Immerse your car in a texture that speaks volumes of elegance while offering unparalleled durability. It's not just a wrap, it's an experience. Redefine your ride with carbon fiber's timeless beauty.

Types & Styles of Car Wraps

Car wraps offer a wide spectrum of styles and types to cater to different aesthetic and functional preferences. Let’s delve into the most popular styles and types:

  1. Matte Finish: This provides a smooth, non-reflective finish, which can make colors appear more rich and luxurious. It’s a popular choice for a modern, understated look.
  2. Glossy Finish Car Wrap: As the name suggests, it has a shiny finish. Glossy car wraps can make colors pop and are akin to a traditional paint job in terms of sheen.
  3. Metallic Car Wrapping: This wrap gives your car a shimmering finish, thanks to the embedded metal flakes. It’s a step between gloss and chrome, offering a little sparkle without going full-blown mirror-like.
  4. Carbon Fiber Auto Wrap: Designed to replicate the look of carbon fiber, these wraps give a sporty and high-end look to the vehicle. They’re often used on hoods, mirrors, and other accent areas.
  5. Brushed Metal: This has a textured finish that resembles brushed aluminum or steel. It adds a touch of class and is often used for a more rugged appearance.
  6. Chrome Car Wrap: Highly reflective and mirror-like, chrome wraps are flashy and stand out. They can be tinted in different colors for added effect.
  7. Satin Car Wrap: Satin wraps are a midpoint between matte and glossy. They offer a slight sheen without being overly reflective, providing a silky, smooth look.
  8. Color Changing (Chameleon Wrap): These wraps offer a unique look by changing color based on the viewing angle. It gives the car a dynamic, shifting color palette.
  9. Camouflage: Designed for those who want a rugged or military look, these wraps feature various camo patterns
  10. Clear (PPF Wrap): Not so much about changing aesthetics but protecting them. This wrap is transparent and acts as a protective layer against scratches, chips, and UV rays.
  11. Custom Graphics & Decals: Beyond full car wraps, many opt for specific graphics, branding, or decals. This is especially popular for businesses or those who want to showcase unique art or messages on their vehicle.
  12. Textured: These are specialty wraps like leather, velvet, or even snake skin for those seeking an extremely unique look.

When selecting a car wrap, it’s essential to consider not just the aesthetics but also its purpose, be it protection, advertising, or simply a refreshing change. With such a diverse range of styles and types available, there’s a wrap to fit every car enthusiast’s dream.






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What We Do

Vehicle Wrap Service in Dubai​

Dive into the world of car transformations and let your vehicle wear its personality with flair! In the heart of Dubai, our expert car wrapping services offer more than just a color change. Whether you crave the mystique of a matte finish, the allure of 3D carbon fiber, or the shine of chrome, we have a palette of options awaiting your car’s transformation. Beyond aesthetics, we believe in protection; our paint protection films (PPF) stand guard against the elements. Competitive pricing? Absolutely. But we never let affordability dilute our quality.

All of our vehicle wrap films are designed with easy removal in mind, ensuring your car’s skin remains untouched and pristine. Trust in our promise: a resilient wrap that withstands weather, is a breeze to clean, and keeps your car looking brand-new. With a blend of passion and precision, we pride ourselves on offering wraps that are long-lasting and impeccable in finish. Ready for your vehicle’s metamorphosis? Get in touch! 🚗 ✨

“Dubai’s skyline isn’t the only thing worth gazing at; transform your ride!”

Car Wrapping Cost

The car wrap cost in Dubai varies depending on the size of the car, the complexity of the design, and the materials used. However, it is generally much cheaper than a traditional paint job.

  • Bonnet, roof, or trunk wrap: AED 1,200-2000
  • Full body wrap of a Sedan: AED 8,000-15000
  • Full body wrap of a 4×4: AED 15,000-25000
  • Customized racing stripes: AED 1800-2500
  • Carbon fiber finish: AED 21,000-35,000

Let your car tell its story with our premier auto wrap.

Car Wrap Process

The process of car wrapping is a transformation of a car where a your car evolves through precise and artful application of specially designed films. This isn’t just about changing a car’s color or adding flashy designs; it’s a procedure that demands a fusion of technical skill and a deep understanding of materials. The outcome? A vehicle that not only showcases a fresh aesthetic appeal but also gains an added protective layer against potential damages from the environment. It’s a delicate dance of ensuring the film adheres perfectly to every contour, ensuring longevity and a flawless finish.

For a professional car wrap, the process can generally be condensed into a few crucial steps:


Before the wrapping, the car needs to be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. This ensures that no dirt or other residues interfere with the adhesive qualities of the wrap. In some cases, minor car parts or trims may need to be removed for seamless wrapping.

Car Wrapping

Using specialized tools, the vinyl film is carefully applied to the car's surface. The wrap is smoothed out, ensuring it adheres well and conforms to the vehicle's contours and curves.

Design & Measurement

Based on the client's preferences, a custom design is created and adjusted to the specifications of the car. Measurements are meticulously taken to ensure that the wrap fits perfectly, avoiding wrinkles and bubbles.

Post-Heating & Inspection: After the car wrap is applied, post-heating is done to ensure the vinyl’s durability and to minimize any potential lifting or peeling. Finally, a thorough inspection is conducted to guarantee the wrap’s perfection and to ensure client satisfaction.

The art of car wrapping requires a keen eye for detail, experience, and the right tools. When done professionally, the results can be breathtaking, combining form and function in a dynamic display.. 

Our Services

Auto Wrap

Auto wrap is one of our main services, setting the gold standard for vehicle transformations. With precision, passion, and unparalleled craftsmanship, we bring your automotive dreams to vivid reality.

Car Branding

Unlock the power of car branding! Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard, showcasing your message with impeccable clarity and style. Drive recognition, create impressions, and propel your brand's visibility with each kilometer. Car branding: where motion meets promotion.

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Guard your car's brilliance with paint protection film (PPF)! Designed to combat scratches, stains, and the elements, PPF ensures your vehicle's paint remains pristine and vibrant. More than protection, it's your vehicle's invisible shield. Keep it gleaming, keep it guarded with PPF.

Ceramic Coating / Ceramic Paint Protection

Experience next-level shine with ceramic coating! Go beyond traditional protection, our ceramic paint protection offers a lustrous finish while warding off dirt, grime, and scratches. Ensure your vehicle not only gleams but also endures. Elevate protection, embrace radiance with ceramic coating.

Peelable Paint

Revolutionize your ride with peelable paint! Dive into a world where changing your car's hue is as simple as peeling away the past. Offering vibrant color, protection, and the freedom to transform at whim – with peelable paint, every mood has its shade. Today's trend, tomorrow's change. Dive into versatility.

Car Detailing

Rediscover your car's appeal with our car detailing service! Dive deep into every nook and cranny, bringing out a shine that rivals its first day on the road. From intricate interior refreshes to gleaming exteriors, we master the art of rejuvenation. From grime to gleam, witness the exquisite transformation & elevate every drive with car detailing done right.

Benefits of Wrapping Car

Here are some of the pros of Car wrapping in Dubai.

  • A Fresh Look: Think of car wraps as your vehicle’s wardrobe. Want vibrant patterns? A sleek matte black? The world’s your oyster.

  • Guard Duty: Wraps take the hit so your car doesn’t have to. They fend off scratches, sunburn, and those pesky little stone chips.

  • Wallet-Friendly: Ever had a sticker shock from a paint job quote? Wraps often come in as the budget-friendly cousin, giving your car a makeover without emptying your pockets.

  • Boosting Resale Value: Original is best. Wraps protect your factory paint, making future buyers smile and possibly boosting your resale price.

  • Eco Love: No nasty chemicals here. Unlike traditional paint, car wraps are gentle on Mother Earth, making your vehicle’s facelift guilt-free.

  • Fast Forward: No waiting for paint to dry. Wraps have you back on the road in a flash.

  • Low-Key Upkeep: Dirt doesn’t stick as much. When it’s time to clean, a simple hand wash has your back.

  • Switch it Up: Feel like a change? Unlike paint, wraps don’t hold grudges. Peel off, refresh, and hit the streets anew.

  • Textures Galore: Matte, glossy, or even that carbon fiber touch. You choose the flavor of your car’s new cloak.

  • Mobile Billboard: Own a business? Turn traffic jams into advertising gold with a branded wrap, making every red light a branding opportunity.

Car wraps aren’t just about flashy looks. They’re a smart choice for many, blending art with practicality in an ensemble of benefits that cater to both the heart and the wallet.

Car Wrapping Specialists

Car Wrapping Specialists

When it comes to Car Wrapping, expertise matters, and that's where we shine as your car wrapping specialists. With precision, artistry, and dedication, we turn your vehicle into a canvas of perfection. Trust the experts; let your car wear elegance with confidence.

Full Car Wrap

Full Car Wrap

Wrap your car in excellence. Our Full Car Wrap envelopes your vehicle from bumper to bumper, offering a fresh look and safeguarding the original finish. It's more than a new look; it's a statement. Choose to stand out; choose enduring elegance.

Car Foiling

Car Foiling

Transform your vehicle with Car Foiling: the art of applying a thin layer of metallic or matte film for both style and substance. This technique offers an innovative way to redefine aesthetics, providing an upscale appearance while shielding the original paint.

Car Graphics

Car Graphics

Car Graphics: Where your vehicle meets art. Simple touches can make a world of difference. Enhance, personalize, and elevate your car’s appeal with our curated designs. It's your car, but with a touch more 'you'.

Client Testimonials

We Are Trusted Car Wrapping Company In UAE

In the heart of the UAE, we’ve built more than just a car wrapping service – we’ve built trust. As you peruse the testimonials from our esteemed clientele, you’ll uncover a tale of commitment, excellence, and unparalleled craftsmanship. Here’s what our family of satisfied customers has to say about their journey with us.

I wanted a fresh new look for my car without a hefty repaint job, and your car wrapping service made this possible. The finish is exquisite, and my car feels brand new. I'm thrilled with the results!

    Noor Zahra

    The precision and perfection in the wrapping process left me in awe. Not only does my car look stunning, but the quality of the wrap assures me it will last. I've received so many compliments. Highly recommended!

      Muhammad Ali

      The branding on our fleet is just impeccable. We wanted a design that embodied our company's spirit, and you delivered beyond our expectations. Now, we ride with pride and make an impression everywhere we go. Thank you for turning our vehicles into moving masterpieces!

        Joseph Russel

        From the initial concept to the final reveal, the car branding process was seamless. Our branded cars have become conversation starters. They're more than just vehicles now; they're ambassadors of our brand. Kudos to the team for such a fantastic job!

          Omar Raza

          I was skeptical about car wraps, thinking they might look tacky or wear off soon. But you proved me wrong! The transformation is mind-blowing, and the durability is commendable. A makeover that's worth every dirham!

            Perry Blake

            FAQs About Car Wrapping in UAE

            Car wrapping involves applying a thin, vinyl film to the surface of a vehicle. This not only changes its appearance but also provides a protective layer against minor scratches and UV rays. Think of it as a skin for your car, enhancing aesthetics while ensuring protection.

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            At, we elevate your vehicle’s style with precision car wrapping services. Whether it’s a unique car branding or eye-catching car graphics, we turn your vision into a road-ready reality.

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