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Diving into the dynamic world of car graphics is an exhilarating journey, one that has mastered right here in the heart of Dubai. As the city’s premier destination for top-tier auto graphics, we’ve redefined the art of vehicle transformation. From subtle accents to full-bodied makeovers, our car wrapping graphics encapsulate passion, precision, and a promise of unparalleled quality.

Ever thought of giving your ride that signature touch? Well, you’re just in the right place, contact us now!

What is included in

Our Auto Graphic Services

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive range of auto graphic services tailored to meet the diverse needs of Dubai’s vibrant automotive community. Our expertise stretches far beyond the ordinary, ensuring every vehicle we touch radiates a unique flair and unmatched style. Whether you’re seeking a subtle change or a complete vehicular transformation, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few services we offer:

Our commitment to versatility and quality is unparalleled. Whether you have a distinct vision for your vehicle or you’re exploring new aesthetics, we offer all types of car graphic materials to cater to every need. Dive into the myriad options and choose the one that aligns best with your aspirations.

  • Paint Protection Film: A stealthy guardian for your car, paint protection film acts as a shield against scratches, grime, and the harsh Middle Eastern sun. It preserves your car’s original paint while offering an additional layer of security, ensuring your vehicle remains in pristine condition, regardless of the challenges it faces.
  • Ceramic Coating: Gift your vehicle the power of hydrophobicity with our ceramic coating. This nano coating not only imparts a glossy sheen but also repels water and dirt effortlessly. More than just aesthetics, it’s about long term protection against weather elements, contaminants, and UV rays.
  • Car Foiling: Transform your car’s appearance without a permanent commitment with our car foiling services. From matte finishes to glossy shines, the choices are endless. It’s a reversible makeover that offers style, protection, and personality in equal measure.
  • Car Peelable Paint: Dreaming of a new color for your car but wary of commitment? Our car peelable paint is your answer. Get the hue you desire, and when you’re ready for a change, peel it off with ease. A fresh look is always within reach.
  • Car Stripes: Add a sporty edge or a touch of elegance with our customized car stripes. Whether it’s racing stripes that speak of speed or subtle lines that exude class, we tailor them to fit your vehicle’s character and your personal style.
  • Car Window Decals: Maximize the visibility of your message or simply enhance your vehicle’s look with our car window decals. From promotional graphics to artistic designs, they offer a clear view of your statement, while you enjoy an unhindered view of the world.
  • Color Changing Wrap: Why settle for one color when you can have more? Our color changing wrap reacts to different temperatures and light conditions, offering a mesmerizing shift in hues. It’s a dynamic makeover, ensuring your car remains the center of attention at all times.

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider adorning your vehicle with car graphics. Beyond just aesthetics, they echo your personality, serve practical functions, and can even be a strategic move for businesses. Delving deeper, here’s why car graphics are more than just a passing trend:

  1. Personal Expression: Through car graphics, you’re not just driving a vehicle; you’re showcasing your personality and style. It’s an extension of who you are and what you stand for, allowing you to express yourself on the go.

  2. Elevate Aesthetics: Auto graphics give your car a unique edge, ensuring it stands out in the crowd. Whether it’s a minimalistic design or a flamboyant artwork, it elevates your car’s aesthetics to a whole new level.

  3. Protection with Style: Beyond the beauty, car graphics serve a functional purpose. They act as a protective layer against minor scratches, weather elements, and the harsh sun, ensuring your original paint job remains untouched.

  4. Resale Value: A well-maintained vehicle with high-quality vehicle graphics can potentially increase its resale value. It indicates the care and attention given to the vehicle, making it more appealing to prospective buyers.

  5. Affordable Makeover: Looking to give your car a new look but don’t want to break the bank with a paint job? Auto graphics are your answer. They’re an affordable solution to give your car a fresh appearance without the hefty cost of repainting.

  6. Promotion & Branding: For businesses, vehicle graphics offer a moving billboard. It’s a cost effective advertising method that garners attention wherever your car goes, ensuring your brand message reaches a wide audience.

One of the fantastic advantages of car graphics is their adaptability. Whether you’re looking to refresh your vehicle’s appearance or return it to its original state, rest assured that these graphics can be easily removed without causing any damage to the underlying paint. This flexibility offers car owners the freedom to change designs as often as they wish, without the stress or costs associated with permanent modifications. So, whether you’re in the mood for a revamp or simply a return to basics, car graphics provide a hassle free solution.





Vehicle Graphics Near Me

Finding top-notch vehicle graphics close by is no longer a challenge. Right in the heart of the city, stands as a beacon for all auto enthusiasts seeking a seamless blend of quality and creativity. Whether you’re keen on a subtle aesthetic touch or a complete vehicular transformation, proximity is no longer a concern. We pride ourselves on not just delivering outstanding graphic solutions but also offering a personalized experience right from consultation to final application. So, next time you think about giving your vehicle a unique touch, remember that the finest expertise is just around the corner, making your dreams a local reality.

“Dream it. Display it. We’re here to make your automotive vision a street ready masterpiece.”

Car Graphic Cost

It’s essential to understand that costs can vary based on several factors. The material you choose, the intricacies of the design, and the extent of the coverage whether you desire a full vehicle wrap or just partial touches all play pivotal roles in determining the final price. To give you a preliminary idea:

  • Paint Protection Film: AED 1,500 – 3,000
  • Ceramic Coating: AED 800 – 1,500
  • Car Foiling: AED 2,500 – 5,000
  • Car Peelable Paint: AED 1,000 – 2,500
  • Car Stripes: AED 500 – 1,200
  • Car Window Decals: AED 300 – 800
  • Color Changing Wrap: AED 2,800 – 5,500

However, to obtain an accurate and tailored quote that matches your specific needs and preferences, we highly recommend reaching out to us directly. Contact us now for detailed information, and we’ll be delighted to provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

Vehicle Wrap Installation Process

Car wrapping is an exciting journey, one that transforms your car from the every day to the extraordinary. But what goes on behind the scenes to achieve this stunning transformation? Our vehicle wrap installation process is a blend of art and science. Here’s a glimpse into the steps that breathe life into your automotive vision:

  1. Consultation and Design: This is where the journey begins. We sit down with our clients to understand their vision, preferences, and the purpose behind the wrap. Whether it’s for business branding or personal flair, the design phase ensures the final product resonates with the client’s intent.

  2. Vehicle Preparation: Before the wrap can be applied, the vehicle undergoes thorough cleaning. This isn’t just your regular wash; we ensure every nook and cranny is free of dust, grease, and contaminants. A pristine surface ensures the adhesive bonds perfectly.

  3. Printing and Laminating: Once the design is finalized and approved, it’s printed onto high-quality vinyl material. After printing, a laminate is applied, adding durability and protection against UV rays, ensuring your wrap looks fresh for years to come.

  4. Installation: Here’s where the magic truly happens. Our skilled technicians carefully apply the wrap, ensuring no bubbles or wrinkles, achieving a seamless finish. The vinyl is heated and stretched to contour perfectly to every curve and edge of the vehicle.

  5. Post-installation Inspection: After the wrap is applied, a thorough inspection ensures everything is in place and meets our high standards of quality. Any necessary tweaks are made at this stage.

  6. Customer Reveal: The moment of truth! Clients are presented with their transformed vehicle, a testament to how a sheet of vinyl can redefine the look and feel of a car.

Our Services

Custom Car Graphics

While pre designed car wraps offer a quick transformation, there’s an unmatched allure to having a unique design that speaks directly to your soul. At, we’re not just about giving your vehicle a new coat; we’re about bringing your vision, no matter how intricate or abstract, to the forefront. Beyond our array of pre designed wraps, we take immense pride in offering custom car graphics tailored precisely to your desires. It’s not just about standing out; it’s about driving a piece of art that resonates with your personality, encapsulating your essence on every journey.

Warranties for Vehicle Graphics

We’re more than just service providers; we’re partners in your automotive journey. Trust, quality, and reliability are the cornerstones of our services. We proudly back our car wrapping service with warranties, ensuring that every vehicle wrap stands the test of time.

Commonly Covered Under Warranty:

  • Material defects, including discoloration, peeling, and bubbling.
  • Installation issues such as wrinkles or lifting.
  • Durability under standard conditions.
  • UV protection against sun-induced fading.

Typically Excluded From Warranty:

  • Accidental damage or collisions.
  • Negligence or improper maintenance.
  • Alterations made post-installation.

It’s not just about providing stellar vehicle graphics; it’s about ensuring peace of mind with every drive. We are here, not just for the journey but for the miles ahead. Your investment is our responsibility, and we ensure it drives forward with confidence.

Client Testimonials

We Are Trusted Car Wrapping Company In UAE

When you choose us, you’re opting for excellence and a legacy of trust. Beyond just applying vinyl, we build relationships, translating your automotive dreams into tangible art. With every project, we aim not just to satisfy but to exceed expectations. So, choose us for your car graphic needs and join our ever-growing family of delighted customers. Let’s craft not just a vehicle transformation, but a journey of trust and unparalleled craftsmanship together.

" I was on the lookout for a reliable car wrapping service near me. I came across this company, and the transformation they did on my vehicle was simply outstanding! Not only is the quality top-notch, but the team's professionalism and attention to detail also left a lasting impression. A recommendation without hesitation!"

    John Williams

    "The service provides exceeded all expectations. The quality, precision, and timeliness were astounding. I'm proud to have chosen them for my car wrap, and I'll definitely be back!"

      Aisha Al-Mansoori

      "From the very first moment I engaged with the team, I felt trust and professionalism. They exceeded all my expectations and turned my car into a piece of art. Thank you for such a wonderful experience!"

        Hassan Al-Rashed

        FAQs About Car Graphics

        With proper care, our car wraps can last for several years. The longevity depends on factors like the type of material used, exposure to the elements, and maintenance.

        At, we elevate your vehicle’s style with precision car wrapping services. Whether it’s a unique car branding or eye-catching car graphics, we turn your vision into a road-ready reality.

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